CIF – SIF What’s the Difference

On this article I’ll clarify the variations between CIF and SIF. In line with our sanity and to persevering with with the theme of maintaining it easy I’ll try to make use of as few techno jargons as potential. CIF and SIF are most notably used to explain video decision and are used closely to specify CCTV digital camera gear decision.

So that you say, what is the distinction? And why the double spellings like double spelled phrases? Which one is healthier? I’ll reply these questions however first little historical past of the phrase. CIF and SIF are surprisingly not double spelled phrase like “aeroplane and airplane” a British or American spelling distinction. CIF and SIF truly are three letter acronyms that do the identical factor. Relying on the spelling chances are you’ll be shopping for inferior product or a extremely adaptable sturdy product.

OK, sufficient speaking in codes. Let’s first take the phrase CIF and break this right down to a a lot easier time period. C.I.F just isn’t a 3 letter acronym that means “California Interscholastic Federation”, CIF is a decision format that means Widespread Intermediate Format. Take into accout we’re speaking about decision format. In case you are utilizing {hardware} that specifies the decision as CIF and spelled with a “C” you’re utilizing expertise that has a decision of 352×288 pixels. If you might want to know the H-dot quantity CIF is usually related to is H.261/H.263.

So what’s SIF, you ask. SIF is a 3 letter acronym that means Supply Enter Format. SIF is mostly related to MPEG video format and to confuse you extra I’ve seen it spelled as CIF. Relying what facet of the world you are on you’re both utilizing PAL for the European customary or NTSC the North and South American customary. PAL SIF decision is 352×288. NTSC SIF decision is 352×240. Does not look like a lot of a bonus over outdated common CIF decision.

Here’s what I have not advised you. In case your {hardware} says it makes use of CIF decision (spelled with a C or 2CIF or 4CIF) you’re utilizing an outdated H.261/263 codec. In case your {Hardware} specifies it’s utilizing SIF decision (spelled with an S) then it may possibly reap the benefits of MPEG-4 and H.264 compression format. I’ll have one other “Preserve It Easy” article to debate MPEG and H.264 compression requirements.

So which one’s proper? They’re each proper. CIF continues to be getting used for video conferencing options or functions. SIF on different hand has developed and is predominantly getting used because the codec of selection for IP cameras and encoders. What you might want to know is discuss the lingo and that what to write down in your RFP is the proper decision you’re searching for.

One final thing, SIF and CIF are used interchangeably which is the place a lot of the confusion is. To jot down this text I learn a number of useful resource supplies. Every one used each SIF and CIF to explain 325×240 which is SIF. So how did I decide which SIF/CIF they have been referring to? Right here is little tip. If the CIF is adopted by 352×240 (NTSC) then they’re referring to SIF. For those who see CIF adopted by 352×288 then they actually imply CIF. One other inform, inform signal is that if the encoder, transmitter, coded is H.264 suitable or MPEG-4 suitable then there’s a good likelihood they’re speaking about SIF.

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