Pointer Excel II Digital Acupuncture & Pressure Point Locator Review

Pointer Excel II Digital Acupuncture & Stress Level Locator is the most recent self-healing gadget to hit the market.  I’m an enormous fan of acupuncture.  I used to go to my acupuncturist each different week however with my hectic schedule at work, I could not insert the time to go to him anymore.  I purchased the product to see if it may be a superb various to visiting the acupuncturist. 

Electroacupuncture is the brand new time period for this gadget.  It would not use any needles.  In change for the needles, it has a pointed half that may detect acupuncture factors and stimulate that time.  If you flip the gadget on and gently let the detection probe run by means of your palm, the gadget will find strain factors.  It’ll flash when it has detected one.  All you want is to stimulate that time by utilizing the identical pointed probe. 

Is it higher than my acupuncturist?  No.  My acupuncturist is the perfect.  However it’s the second finest.  I really like that I can do acupuncture on myself any time I wish to.  I really like the feeling after I stimulate the strain factors that the gadget has detected.  I really like that it’s helpful and that in a means it makes me really feel extra relaxed. 

As for the therapy of aches and pains, my acupuncture session with my acupuncturist is efficient however I discover that this digital acupuncture gadget can enhance the little strains and pains in my physique.  I at all times have expertise neck ache at work and after I use the strain level locator and digital acupuncture on my palms and my soles, the neck ache dissipates in a short while.

Source by Erika Ayala

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